July 2008

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Italy for Black Betty, within the category: Other.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Quentin Arendse
Art Directors / Illustrators: John Letherbarrow, Agata Niemkiewicz
Copywriters: Hilton Mashonga, Richard Lamb-Hughs

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Activity Score 64

Typeface should only be used in display sizes

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Activity Score 51

has this any content or is it only decorative?
The Typo is unreadable. a bit 80th style. trendy but nothing new.

ogilvyandmenon's picture
Activity Score 178

just like her namesake a staffie bitch ?

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Activity Score 149

don't understand it....

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Activity Score 48

I had to go about 2 inches from my monitor to find out, its about a site that give free downloads of fonts (including this one : Black Betty). I saw ads like this in one of my reference book, a bit alike. I wonder if this is the only way to inform people about font.

ogilvyandmenon's picture
Activity Score 178

by the way the site doesnt exist

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Activity Score 108

Whoa, Black Betty… Bam-A-Lam
Black Betty had a child… Bam-A-Lam
The damn thing gone wild… Bam-A-Lam

Yeah I know, you know that song too, and what a good song it is. I’ve got some good news for all you typography nerds like me… the new font BLACK BETTY lives up to its name, IT’S DOPE!

That’s right I said… DOPE! I’ve got to give propers up to BBDO Cape Town for contributing this magnificent font to the masses. Not only did they create this uber chic font but they're making it a rock star by promoting it. I love that they're giving the font all its due.

Don’t get me wrong HELVETICA I’m still in love with you but don’t get mad if you see me take BLACK BETTY out for a date or if you come home and you catch us wrapped in quotations… if you know what I mean! (wink wink)

Aside from the font itself I’ve got to give it up for the ad campaign itself, It’s simple and consistent. I’ve noticed as of late there are a lot of trends popping up from the 80’s in fashion, etc. You know… like the day glow sun glasses and what not. It would seem as though design and typography may have caught the pop what’s hot bug, at least in this case.

Michael "Mr. Echo" Roberson

Michael "Mr. Echo" Roberson

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Activity Score 998

dint like it...sorry

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Activity Score 110

I like the little dogs...awesome. The rest is kinda first-year.

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Activity Score 64

Typeface should only be used in display sizes