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Nice ad. Nice concept. Nice art direction. Clap Clap!

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A would like to see a subjecting with a man. He is an animal. He needs to be protected from himself.

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Ney Frances
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totally agreed!

is there life before death?

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I like this the most..

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I dont want to say someone is stealing ideas here, but last week I posted a very similar idea... and I also asked for help, to improve the ad. Some people posted I need to make a shorter frase, and a smaller logo.

Do I have to do anything?


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Consider it as you guys worked in a team in case the ad was really stolen. You not gonna sue, are you?

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You have to do One thing: NOTHING. Great minds think alike, yeah? As you've said.. similar idea.. this happens alot in advertising, specially, SAME Product.. SAME Message.. SAME visuals..etc..

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Love it!

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[not interested]

Simple and just plain perfect. Thumbs up!

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