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The white structure in the foreground really distracts me. Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was some kind of shape contributing to the message of this ad.

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Crisp One
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yea, I thought I was looking for a hidden image in the foam for a second, but I think its funny none the less... good job guys.

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simple y directo!

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i think this is creative. it is simple, but its a good simple because its to the point

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been done, .. same idea for photographer ad 4 - 5 years ago.

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been done, .. same idea for photographer ad 4 - 5 years ago.

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andré ™
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No need for the microfone.

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Taking out the microphone would defeat the point of the ad.

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what? what do you mean, no need for the microphone??? the microphone IS the concept!!

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I like these. How would this ad make sense without the microphone?

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No, I think andre is right. It doesn't need the microphone. Or the wave. Why not get rid of the words while we're at it. That would leave a nice clean ad with just a logo. Perfect. Good thinking andre!

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let's take the logo out also, so we have a clean beautiful white space. a gift for andre. ;)

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Nice visual, but it sells nothing...

Hell yeah!!

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cool stuff, till!

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