Bitdefender: Handcuffs

The best don't get caught. They get hired.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Razvan Capanescu
Art Director / Photographer: Dragos Ometita
Copywriter: Cezar Panait

September 2008


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433 pencils

i didnt get it. any one can help?

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Bitdefender invites anyone who thinks it's some sort of IT guru or hacker to brake/ hack the "unbreackable" site (which name, by the way, I think it's actually in Romanian 'cause it doesn't work in English) ... if they succeed they get hired :). This is the teasing part of the campaign, check out the next 3 ads for revealing. I really think it's a very cool idea with some very nice executions.
Guys, you didn't use any other medium?... it seems so generous for a really big campaign...

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