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Rami Qaddoumi
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Quite interesting...n yes, very brazenly Brazilian :)


Not all who wander are lost.

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'You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!'

Sex sells kid. Apart from that I have no ideas.

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great art direction!

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these camapin is awesome!!!

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It's really funny how everyone is hyper critical on here until someone puts some ads with a pair of tits up and everyone turns into gibbering school boys.

Do you really think these are good? Come on!

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I'm with Ben. Evolve people.

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I bet they'll be in Archive next month...

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Zing! Me likey!

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Ah, how refreshing, boobs selling beer. What a stretch. I'm guessing you've spent all of three minutes on this.

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nice tits. shitty ads.

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"Bit" on the bottles isn't all that clear. oops! but I like the overall look

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Ehh... what a shame...

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I rather see those Orangina animals fornicate.

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nice.. looks like perrier or something, isn't it?

life is a playground

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It's cute in its execution, but you really have to work through a lot of fiddley bits to see the images painted on her skin; as a result, the casual viewer probably misses some of the finer details, which is a real shame.

Yeah, sex sells, and bodypaint has been around since the invention of dirt... but I have to give them chops for something that's this flat out fun and works as a coordinated campaign.

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Christian Traut
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Published: December 2008 ????????

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