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nice idea

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Ok Idea, very bad execution.

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Mtl Dave
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very smart

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Like the idea, but takes a little bit long to get it.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Nice idea, super see through transperent water magnifying kinda thing.
Good photography and retouch but takes tooo long to geddit, An empty swimming pool background would have really sold it.


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Alistair C.
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nice idea, very poor execution. It would have been better to show the guy floating, like in water. Here he is just standing on his toes, and the raised chin doesn't really suggest he's in water.

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bit confusing guys, take's one far to long to get the idea.
there's even some shadow around the feet - just looks like a deformed guy standing on his toes in a white room?
there's a good idea here but the execution needs more thought?

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what the hell is this.
which law of science are they playing with???
can sum 1 pls explain this to me.

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they are playing with the zooming effect under water. but the water is so clear, you can't see it.

Nice idea horribly executed. Both stand on their toes and are not swimming or drifting. And the worst thing is: water can't be so clear, it doesn't make you wet :P

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Abra Cadabra
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I agree, this is a great idea that's been utterly wasted with piss-poor execution. It could have been really good.

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good idea

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didn't get it at first. I dunno if I like it or hate it. I wanna like it but their definitely is something missing.

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