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This is what happens when creatives take a wrong turn from a wrong turn. A little too far for a grocery store ad, no?

They should use the art for an anti-drug campaign "Drugs turn your brain into ketchup!"

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Silly and funny. But works anyway.

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An anti-drug campaign? That's so direct I'm bored just at the thought of it. Contrast is important in ideas as well as visuals. This may be risky, but it makes its point and it has funny adult humor, so it reaches its audience as well. The kids aren't buying their own vegetables, their parents who get these jokes are.

Just do it!

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Yeah, I'll agree with you that the anti-drug campaign idea was a bit of a snore...

I'm just of the opinion that hard drug addiction isn't really that funny.. and I'd like to think that most mature adults agree with that.

Also, I think there is a disconnect between tomatoes shooting heroine and non-organic produce. It's too much of stretch, isn't it?

It looks like the firm is trying to motivate people to BUY organic FROM BioPark.. which was probably part of the brief.. but I mean ask yourself, If you currently do not buy organic produce, did this motivated you to do so? .. Probably not. So if all this ad does is create awareness about BioPark and their "clean" vegetables, then why even bother with such a risky visual?

If only raising brand awareness for BioPark marks a success for you, then it can be achieved through a myriad of different methods.

I understand that advertising firms are always trying to "push the envelope", but if there's an emotional or social disconnect then it's a waste of creative energy.

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Nothing good apart from illustration

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lovely campaign

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good art

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Nice, well done, clever!
The idea here is veggies which have been injected with harmful chemicals and which might cause harm. A little too far, but I like it.

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Oh my god... NO for the idea and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for the illustrations

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I agree with DanStep08, if used for a anti-drug campaign these illustrations would be completely ineffective.

Biopark launched this as an awareness campaign not just to promote the purchase of organic fruits and vegetables, but mainly to provoke discussion around pesticides found in the fruit and vegetables we consume. The goal is to warn people that their health is in their own hands and that whilst people's diet options can be healing to their health, they can also be harmful, just like using drugs.

Personally, I find this campaign to be really effective and love the art direction.

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