Bionippon Pest Control: Mom

Roaches are dirty and deserve to die.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draftfcb, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Adilson Xavier
Executive Creative Director: Ricardo John
Creative Directors: Ricardo John, Benjamin Yung Jr
Copywriter: Luiz Kanadani
Art Directors: Henrique Del Lama, Benjamin Yung Jr, Gilberto C. Barros
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
Art Buyer: Tina Castro
Account Supervisor: Patricia Marinho
Advertiser's Supervisor: Rodrigo Rios Da Silva


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This is so wrong in many ways.
They're humanizing the roaches. And actually they're saying "Human moms like in the image are dirty and deserve to die." It's sick.
In the other way, of course we don't want insects around us. But we don't want to hear we're actually murdering them and saying "you're dirty and deserve to die" like a pyshco eitheir.

The art is amazing though.

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Lars Von Trapp
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Its OK

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Does the roach baby deserve to die too? That's pretty dark. Also, Mama roach may only be such a bad mother because she too was raised in filth and had smoke blown in her face. It's a vicious cycle. We shouldn't want to kill the roaches, we should want to help them.

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Klara K.
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Lose the baby roach and it's pretty good.

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Also, cockroaches are scrupulously clean insects. It's our filth that attracts them as they just want to clean up everything.

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