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This one is a stretch and has poor Photoshop work. Cheese layout was already pushing it. The mushrooms are by far the best - and most effective. :)

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The insight kinda escapes me and it's hard tying the three ads together. I actually thought this was an onion initially (didn't read the title/expand it), which might have made more sense, if you're going for the idea that these socks don't gather bacteria easily and thus don't smell as bad.

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i like the first one(mushrooms), the sock: not my thing, this one......ehhhhh, don't know XD

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bad bad bad bad copy!!! don't piss on the ad!
nice art nice idea!

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it feels like they knew they had nailed a winner with the mushroom ad, and then really forced out the other two to make a campaign.

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I like this one the most.

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