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Much better than the other execution. Tad gross. Bit obvious. But hey. Not all that terrible.

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It's weird in a good way, tells a story, solid art.


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This one is cool

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ha! a bit awkward but great idea!

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Design Central
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Funny approach....!

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the monkey underneath the cow is not needed.
But this is a really good image .... i have head jokes about this many years ago, 'how do you get banana flavoured milk ? by feeding a cow bananas' ... its not that funny any more but this image is really funny

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Nike Diesel
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Needed. Unless it looks like they're taking turns being crapped on.

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Ama-a-azing! I wish I could come up with such absurdly creative ideas :-)

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Sales and Marketing
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IF MONKEY LIKES BANANA(The Universal truth) then why would he go for all these recycle process if banana is already available beside. Instead the agency may keep the wastage of banana that made a monkey compelled to go for feed.

Speaker I (Sales and Marketing) INDIA

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comon guys

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Hum hum.... i don't know...

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Smith K
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Really funny approach. Awesome!!

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HaHaHa What a funny ideas.
Absurdly creative ideas. Nice job!

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Fernando Montero
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I'm going to be respectful: no.

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Awesome ad!

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