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a biggggggg booooooooooo

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i'm tired of this images made out of numbers or letters.
if a hundred agencies do it before you it means that this is not creative anymore.
just remember of a campaign(posted on this site)for digital artists.Is the same idea.

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So am I, Val. Probably I am more tired because they appeared in close promixity in AotW. Maybe Ivan did it on purpose, to tell both agencies that how abused the idea is.

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This is awful how close these two ads are. This one is definitely worse as well.

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What's up with that logo?

My shits look better than it.

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nice try costa rica.
it's always beautiful.


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I just hate the word digitalize.

That sucks more than the ad overall.

That's how much I hate the word digitalize. Is it even part of the (UK) English language? I don't think so my American-English speaking friends

How can a language be so bastardised? Or is that bastardalised?

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digitalize, transitive verb, -ized, -izing.
1. to treat with digitalis.
2. to make (data) suitable for handling by digital computer; digitize.

You know, it wolud be nice to read a little before start shooting.
And that's basic in advertising, isn't it?

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Yeah. Simple brief answered in the most simple(dumb)way.
Even my 11 year old daughter could have picked one of those old photos
and on Photoshop, overlayed it on the so called binary codes then used the
"multiply" or so layer effect.
The poor client must have thought "WOW!"
How could ADS OF THE WORLD have posted it on here?

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Being easy to execute does not mean it was easy to come up with the idea.

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