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that's incredible, ivan!

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why is it so incredible? i dont see it..

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btw, a comment was deleted for bad language. ;)

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I don´t understand, can someone explain this to me? ivan?

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Have you seen the movie Kill Bill with Uma Thurman? This cover is a mock of that movie. Link

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I know the Kill Bill Movies, but I don't get this.

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Hey '2workitt' ..

Let me try to explain ..
The jewish mam (at least the polish ones) are always like "oh my boy" and "oy vey" and such ..
So try to say 'my bill' with a polish accent and there you'll have it ..
It's the kind of mother that always tell you to wear a coat cuase its cold although its sunny
and take an umbrella although its the middle of summer .. (u can c the umbrella in the print ad)

A very nice insight of the 'target ppl' ..
Made me laugh alot ..

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No need to say that the woman in the print it's bill's 'jewish' mam ..
Im noy saying that david carradin is a jew, Its just 4 the print ;-)

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oh..okz..I didn't know about "oh my boy" and "oy vey".
I laughed thinking about somethign else.
NO OFFENCE PLEASE...as there's a joke abt being tight fisted, I thought of it " MY BILL" as..my electric bill, gas bill, restaurant bill. All she cares about are her bills.
People don take it otherwise, as you know there's a lot of jokes on that theme I thought the ad mentioned that. My bad,. :-)


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precisely what i thought hahaha

thought she was fighting off some hefty bills there.

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Ivan, I think quite a few readers are missing the cultural context - that Jewish mothers are domineering and control freaks.


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If we are talking about jewish mothers as control freaks this ad is pretty bad.
Little dissapointing to have these average ads from DM9, the agency of Marcelo Serpa.
Somehow the head looks badly photoshopped as well....

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hummm......marcello serpa is from almap/bbdo, not dm9/ddb.

And the ads just make sense if you know about jewish culture. (not that they are outstanding either)

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sorry to let you down but,
no photoshop used for this one, we just stuffed the lady in that yellow suit.


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i donna but i didnt get it correctly!

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She still looks a little gentile.. and though her head wasn't photoshopped, it definitely does look awkward.

Good concept, lousy execution.

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Thanx Orenfox, makes much more sense now

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