Billionaire Magazine: Library

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero/ Proximity, Philippines
Chief Creative Officer / Copywriter: David Guerrero
Executive Creative Directors: Joel Limchoc, Simon Welsh
Copywriter: Meggy De Guzman
Art Directors: Joel Limchoc, Paul Anderson, Rizza Garcia
Producer: Al Salvador
Retoucher / Illustrator: Manny Vailoces


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Whilst the design isn't so bad and the copy isn't so bad, the idea of the product makes me want to kick babies.

Still, if you're going to launch a magazine based around consicuous consumption, now's the time. I can only hope that it's a scam to get a database of these bastards so they can be sent human faeces in the post.

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Communist with a filthy mouth. :)

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Please refrain from profanity. Appreciated.

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"Making the most of making the most." Love the copy, all of it.

If only Billionaire Magazine was a real client.

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...says he whose profile pic has long been a cartoon duck.

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this its good

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dean viii
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Degrees have been done.

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Brilliant art work and copy is nice. Loved the detail in the artwork. The whole series is superb.


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wow It's life irony that more is given to those who have much.

horrible and unethical, especially coming from philippines where a bowl of rice is often a matter of life and death

art is nice but nothing new

advertisers still have a soul (most of it) u know :P

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i love the idea. it' is strong and pure.

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