BigFlix: Hollywood's finest movies, 1

Advertising Agency: Law & Kenneth, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Chandan Mahimkar
Art Director: Chandan Mahimkar
Copywriter: Vinayak Upadhyay
Illustrator: Vijay Ugale
Other additional credits: Chandni Jain

December 2008


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Thin Red Line... Ok, they're getting worse now. Still, no benefit. These won't sell.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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My biggest problem issue with this campaign is that, stand alone, few of these make sense, this one especially...its just a line. How is the average person not supposed to think its just part of the page layout?

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Guest commenter

It says, for true fans.... i dont think it's for the average reader

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Guest commenter

Regardless, if you saw JUST this ad...would you immediately think "The Thin Red Line" ???
I'm going to say no.

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Guest commenter

i'd like to see how they apply this same treatment to hindi movie titles....

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Guest commenter

My dear advertisig friends. Lemme say a simple way to execute this ad. Make a list of movies which your cliet sells. No creativity. But that wud probably attract more customers.

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most of the people who criticize such ads are saying 'how could i not think of something so simple' in the back of their minds. neatly done campaign i feel.

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