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Advertising Agency: Law & Kenneth, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Chandan Mahimkar
Art Director: Chandan Mahimkar
Copywriter: Vinayak Upadhyay
Illustrator: Vijay Ugale
Other additional credits: Chandni Jain
Published: December 2008


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Phonebooth was a shitty movie. Very fitting campaign.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Crisp One
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Guest commenter

pretty sure the phone booth is supposed to signify superman

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wheres the IDEA. Making a consumer guess a crap movie name is NOT AN IDEA. (or at least its been done before in a far more entertaining way)

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What's new in it? showing a phone booth doesn't make any F**kin sense, its a very CONVENTIONAL F**Kin thought ??
this campaign would have been much better . . .
I donno how did BIG Flix approved this F**K'dup Ad?

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Your reaction is a bit much

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