Big Yellow Storage: Drum Kit

Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jon Burley
Art Director: Tom Skinner
Copywriter: Clark Edwards
Account Director: Ana Safer
Agency Producer: John Hodges
Published: February 2012


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My first thought was: these are the stupidest ads I've seen in a while.

But now I'm thinking that with the right media buy, these ads will get used, and thus notices, and the point really does get across.

So, consider me won over.

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well thats not half bad, maybe if they refine the idea a lil bit more? make it more apparent and appealing, then yea, its a great base idea though

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simple and clean.


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If you can't come up with an original idea... don't come up with a lifted one at least.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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This really annoys me. In what way did they 'lift' that idea? It's a completely different use of a word-find (or whatever those things are called).

Just because a company used one before, now nobody is supposed to use them in any advertising until the end of time? That's ridiculous. It's a completely new idea that has absolutely nothing to do with the link you sent.

Sorry to be so adamant about this, but come on. Coming up with original ideas IS very difficult. That's why advertising pays well. But let's not be dicks about it. I could do an ad with a word-find tomorrow. As long as I'm coming at it from a different angle, it's still original.

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Totally right.

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Headline is happily married to the visual, an effective partnership and handsome couple. Nice.

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