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very nice. i think the visual contradicting the headline works in this instance.

PasifromHelsinki's picture
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Wow. This is nice. Monga, almost like "many" in swedish. But the meaning for "gorilla woman" was a big (and a bit dirty) surprise. Check the link if you dare http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gorilla+woman

I love this business!

henriquepinheiro's picture
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Vege Pop's picture
Vege Pop
84 pencils

My gosh, that's gross!

shaft_drive's picture
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that has got to be the freakiest thing i ever heard of.

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

also known as the Abe Lincoln.

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Very difficult category to do something original. For some reason, most of the time, this product takes creative to "let's shave something that is usually hairy or let's shave someone famous for his/her facial hair". Good art direction,though.

JUANcho's picture
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I like...

Umlaut's picture
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I li-ike very much - she's my sii-ster


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gd for poker card design

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Created by men
Written by men
Laughed at by men
...for women?


>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Let's ask the women ...

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You asked: I highly doubt that this disposable razor was able to shave the gorilla woman. This ad would not convince me to buy the product.
I do think it was gratuitous to show her naked, there really was no need. It would have been funnier if they would have left a furry bikini top and bottom on her.

rodrift's picture
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c'mon... it's not even a real picture. It's rather an illustration.

nice ad

JamurPutih's picture
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i agree with you
i don't know if you want to communicate with women, and you show a naked woman?

well...i dont buy any product with any open dick in the advertisement...

end of joy, enjoy

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Haha, very good point JamurPutih! I would never buy such a product. When I look at such a poster, why on earth would I think that it's a womans' product? You never advertise womens products with a nude woman on the cover! I would have thought it was an odd condom ad if i hadn't read what was written. (But apart from that..very funny..:P)

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Clearly, none of you - not even the one claiming to be a woman - has ever even flipped through a women's magazine.

Ads for women's products featured nude women ALL THE TIME.

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

I am more woman than you could ever hope to handle.

I never said that ads like this don't exist, that women aren't featured nude in magazines. Get your facts straight before you get all trigger happy, cowboy. We are all allowed our opinions. Mine is that it is gratuitous and unnecessary. And highly unlikely that this disposable razor could achieve this kind of result if the woman shown were indeed previously a gorilla.

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I don't like Bic's razor advertisements that I'm seeing these days. I also feel that its gratuitous and simply pushes sex into media where it doesn't belong. Just because society is already saturated with these sort's of sexualized campaigns, doesn't make this one OK. Bic to me doesn't even seem like a boundary-pushy, edgy company. My original impression of them was that they were reputable, family-friendly, and basic.

I have created a petition against one of the Bic ladies razors advertisements that is posted in my town- please check it out if you're interested. I expect to get a bit of flack from this group because the poster I'm petitioning doesn't even include nudity.

But for those who do agree, I would greatly appreciate your support and spreading of this petition.


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