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Nice line. Not good execution.

"Everyday is one short life"


adrianapr's picture
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even worse than the other.
at least i don't see a flame AT ALL here.

Algareto's picture
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Ok, whats the connection between a lighter and a phone number or a kiss ... dont make sense to me

Zed's picture
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Is it really so hard to get?
Giving your light to the girl asking for it, is a good starting to get to know her better.
Thats why the kiss and the phone number. "Enlighten your relations" is the meaning.

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bara bara baez
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I has done it but what the heck it weren't I colored my hair blonde? I chose not didn't.

Zed's picture
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Sorry but I'm afraid I didn't understand you.

sold's picture
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thanks Zed, you should be attached on the ads to explain :-)

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i don't think it's hard to get, agree with zed... but still, for me the concept started good but got lost later. I even think "spark something" is not bad as a copy, but the concept could go so much further.

and the art direction could have saved it somehow (specially the flame...), but it didn't, maybe our good friend Erin may want to revise it somehow. :)

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I got it as soon as I saw it.

The visual is simple and very clear, and the copy tell us to "ignite the love" (or something not that serious)

Its a known and good insight between smokers, WELL DONE.

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This one's stronger than the lips, but it's still lacking something. Perhaps if the shape of the phone number was a little more believable as a flame... something to really make you look twice. It's a pretty simple but logical concept.

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are they trying to sell a car? i doubt the consumer is really going to care about having a C series lighter, rather they need something more visual or try selling an image.

rocketman's picture
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i think they just want to steal some market share from zippo, hence the C series and all that.

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very clean, simple, well done!!!

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malaysian tomboy
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I love the smell of burnt dog fleas on 8th floor.

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maybe they're trying to reinterpretate Zippo's old headline "use it to start something"

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