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lovely ad - so simple.... Ivan, do you EVER sleep?

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Heh, my wife and my dogs complain sometimes. But, hey I enjoy it!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Ivan, in percentage how many people send you the ads that you post and how many do you find yourself?

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100% of the ads that are not credited for other websites are sent to me. And, I highly appreciate all the contributions. They are making this site possible. I wish I could post all contributions. It breaks my heart to reject certain contributes when I see so much effort and time is put into them.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Is it a personal taste? Do you only post the ones that you like or the ones that you think will get alot of people to comment on?

For example the one with the Lego worlt trade centre, did you post that because you liked it or because you knew everyone was going to go crazy?

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I'm Ivans lawyer, you can talk to me.lol

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The snakes shadow is too subtle and kind of detracts from the idea.

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Yeah, you're right. It's more obvious in the other executions. Yet, great work.

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THis campaign is wonderful!! good job TBWA!!!!

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great job, like the campaign
maybe should consider remove the highlight on the water drop where the shadow fall on.
the rest it brilliant, keep it up guys!

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great campaign. simple & fresh idea. Very good art direction.

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yeah! this campaign is great, was published in L.Archive. there's another one with people.

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nand kishore
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Real refreshing!!

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drunk dave
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Silly me, but you don't ring things with a highlight, you go over them - definition of highlighter. Ideas fine, just rather make a mark over the bug.

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beautifull. well executed.

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