BIC: Grandma

Your replacement cell phone, just in case.

Advertising Agency: Ignition K, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: David Moure
Art Director: Manuel Martínez Soler
Copywriter: Victoria León García
Illustrator: Manuel Martínez Soler

April, 2011


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i like the idea but positioning the bic phone as a replacement phone make me septical, what's the goal behind this strategy?

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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They can't possibly position it as something better because it's a cheap phone in the first place. I like the strategy here. It's clever. Since the phone cannot compete with the big name brands (iPhone, Blackberry, etc), why not market it as a cheap disposable "just in case" phone? Works for me. Cute illustrations, btw.

dadada's picture
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i'd position it rather as "a phone on wich you can rely"

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

gioborde's picture
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And then ur off competing with absoluteley every single brand in the market for the same product benefit. And thats where lovebrands come in to prove ur strategy is no good. I like this strategy


Adwait's picture
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I'm guessing it must have taken a whole lot of research and strategy for the client to go with such a positioning. Although, would anyone by a 'just-in-case' phone in the first place? Best of luck, client.

Kudos to the agency on the illustrations.

AKesseli's picture
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I like the angle but I really don't understand the ads and the artwork. The idea works off the general public's sensibility. They should also make an ad regarding the high cost of phone insurance nowadays. "Take a risk with a new, expensive phone. If....When you break it, buy this one. It's not a contract phone, but it'll do."

mr.x's picture
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the concept of this campaign feels a bit forced. I mean, you have to have an old lady there to get the idea, and a baby and a dog in the other two ads. I like the idea though, but not the execution.

AdBuzzer's picture
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I think the strategy is OK for this brand. I'm not sure though if this communication really targets the right groups.

Magood's picture
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Good strategy, good ads.

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