Bic: Bible

Histories end, Bic doesn't

Advertising Agency: Athos/TBWA, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
General Creative Director: Pablo Leiva
Creative Director: Sergio Chisaka
Art Director: Amples Regiani
Copywriter: Sergio Chisaka
Photographers: Shpilko Dmitriy, Lasse Kristensen


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New Nice and Fun
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It's early in the morning, but I really don't get it!

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Phew, so it's not just me that's confused. On the up side it made me think hard - i got it - and then i thought well that's the last bic i buy cos it's gonna leak.

I think (but i may be wrong lol) The small blobs (new and old testament) represent how much ink was used in a single bic to write them, the big blob of ink is what is left int he pen. (Or how much leaked out of the pen).

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Dear oh dear oh DEAR no.

Dear Bic,

Your agency just made a campaign that says your pens leak. Thank you TBWA.

Yours sincerely,

Walter A. Sheaffer.

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Maybe if I think harder I'll get it, but I don't have time.

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Now that's a lot of ink.

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It means no different between old and new and all of them is the same

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Too stretchy/obscure and sounds like over-claim. Idea is good but the route of execution could have displayed the idea more explicitly. You could have used a bar chart (made of ink) indicating how much ink used to write hamlet, great expectation, old testament and so on and proportionately show bic's ink in comparison.


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Always thought their pen sucked.

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Great post!!!
Thanks for your great information......

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To cite all flaws of these ads would never end.

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Chelsey Homan
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can someone explain to me what this concept means? Bic's ink looks cool, kinda like oil, when in puddles... it's between the old and new testament? Is it a midtestamant? or some kind of religious thing? so confused.

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It's the end of something...


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