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Beautifully written. I hope people take the time to read these.

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long body copy... it has to b indra sinha... compelling headlines that make u read the long copy... one sentence leads to another and before u know u hav read the whole thing... highly penetrating... the art of long body copy has not died...

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True and compelling events are always worth noticing. These are a great example, but you're left wondering where the line is drawn between something that is news and something that is advertising.

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to be honest - this is advertising in its most powerful form: informative, emotional, strong, catchy, empathetic... superb campaign!
I think that 'news' design only makes it stronger and more relevant as 'ad' design ever would.

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As flies to wanton boys
Are we to Union Carbide.
They kill us for their sport.

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I hope those responsible, those f*ckers from Union Carbide, will burn in hell in neverending pains.

...though it's a long copy, after you start you can't stop until you finish reading the whole story. I was really moved by this story and the writing is an excellent one. Good job.

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Good Job??? You don't tell Michael Schumacher 'good drive' or Michael Jordan 'good shot' and you certainly don't tell Indra Sinha 'Good job'. Sorry mate.
The man is a legend! You'll find his work in the Copy Bible.

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