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2869 pencils


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agree to the former


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alec eiffel
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I think it works quite well.Evokes emotion

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This blog is a plataform for Young and Rubicam, Burnett and Mother.....

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3 creative directors? Sheesh.

Well, sorry to all 3 of you that approved this, but it's no more interesting than those pictures of dogs playing poker. Less so, in fact. Poor.

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Stop thinking that short lines and beautiful art makes it a good ad. Please... for the sake of those poor dogs!

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not good

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i'm wondering ....well still i am since i've been trying to find good things about this but unfortunetely no success.

Don't follow the herd - be yourself!

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Me no likey!

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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did the lady lose all of her millions?



freakart.lv | Twitter

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not intersting

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really cute dog...

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I had decided long ago not to read the comments because %95 of them were saying "BOOORING" with no other explanation or constructive criticism. I see nothing has changed and in fact it got worse. Maybe I should give up following this site altogether.

If the owners of these comments hasn't done something MUCH better themselves, then I'm sorry but your words mean nothing.

Indeed 3 creative directors are a lot (and needless) but some companies just give out the titles however they like no matter how stupid it looks...

Anyway, there's nothing else I agree on these comments other than the one I said above.

On another note the dog is really cute, as well as the ad. It caught my attention enough. The details are nice also. Maybe not on an extreme level but definitely on a cute and well-done level.

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There's nothing else I agree on your comment other than you should give up following this site altogether. Sorry for being so rude, but a simple 'boring' comment on any ad is still better than a lame generalisation from a Guest blaming 95% of forum members. At least register or sign in so we know who we are losing with our empty, irritating comments...

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Its just AWESOME! Can't understand all the bad critic!!!

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I think we have lots of client service and clients commenting. Good work guys!!!! For those who don't get it, portrayed as rich people turned homeless thus needing your help.

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yeah the last comment was right.I don't understand if some are just idiot or something.

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This is the advertisement for dumped animals in Turkey,
shelters are full of them and they don't live in wonderful conditions as you imagine,
so please be nice.

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