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this is good art , but can someone please translate the copy ? =')

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ek kanya
814 pencils

hey thats indian mehndi! where's the mehndi artist's credit?

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I like this. Its genuine.

xcreativity's picture
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good art, but whats the concept/copy ?

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Those were better, released in 2007 I guess.


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Dev Kumar
834 pencils

Those were more intricately designed but this one's better executed by integrating the copy.

michelangelo's picture
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I agree with Dev... although the henna artist who worked on the palms is not as good as the guy who worked on the typos...

silvi's picture
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Beautiful typo!

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Patata Casada
118 pencils

Nice mehndi, but I think it would be enough with the text in the right hand.

lorenam's picture
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Actualy an art like this already won a lion in cannes 2007.
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You go Rob...

Try and win another GP with a scam ad...

OUCH! And this one truly sucks...

At least the other scam ads you've done in the past had an idea...

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