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Jaap Grolleman
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it's a nice concept but i'm not sure what they're selling

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They are selling Blender Machine which has blended two objects from the left and made one final object at the right. you see

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actually Blender is a sous-brand of a very popular turkish brand called Beymen, selling all kinds of vintage&chic things, so they have bracelets and blenders everything blended

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this + this = that

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I think these ads from Blender it's very simple, but good. it's a blender!!!, the one with the boots, very funny

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Sherif Hany
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If i were u...i would add the ( + ) and the ( = ) : to let others understand...and please...use food

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Comprehensible but there is no idea.

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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great! the line do the job (+) & (=) ! So ,,,,, nothing more needed!

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