Bexomer: Rat

Any medical professional, while administering a brand for insomnia, looks for one basic benefit: that it should ultimately help the patient catch sleep.

Advertising agency: Point Blank Advertising, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Lyndon Louis
Art Director: Jayant Dethe
Copywriters: Lyndon Louis, Prasad Pradhan
Illustrator: Jayant Dethe
Account Manager: Ruchelle Dias
Directors: Sujeesh Sukumaran, Bindu Menon
Published: April 2010


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nice idea, baaaad illustration...

the ad which wasn't there

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Jaap Grolleman
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I'm a bit confused. What's the product? Moustraps, fishhooks and butterfly nets? What does that have to do with sleep?

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My guess: Sleeping pills. "Catch some sleep"

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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i also think so

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idea is just ok.
execution is poor.
jack., i think this is about a remedy to keep you awake

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Lovely ads!!!

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The rationale:
Any medical professional, while administering a brand for insomnia, looks for one basic benefit:
that it should ultimately help the patient catch sleep.
The objective of this campaign is to convey this simple benefit. As simply as possible.

This campaign, btw, won a shortlist at Clio 2010 and at NY Fest Globals 2010.


Lyndon Louis

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as Ivan Quoted, if the ads are talking about "catch some sleep" the first 2 ideas are wrongly conceived and misrepresents as the ad displays killing apparatus... nice thought but not thought nicely... adequately!

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not making any sense to me.
what's the product? assuming that its a sleeping pill, what role does the mousetrap plays in the ad? trying to say that the pill will catch sleep the way mousetrap catches mice? If so, its a horrible parallel drawn.


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wish the international award juries had seen this campaign through your eyes, mr shahid ali.

this campaign won a shortlist at Clio 2010 and at NY Fest Globals 2010.


thanx, btw, for your comment.

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Dude, Stop bragging about your fu**ng clios and NY fest shortlists. you posted this to hear people praise your ad and feed your unsatisfied ego a bit more?. So many things make it in the those festivals that are completeley undeserved. This is one of those examples. An idea which is not great, nothing out of the ordinary, and with a very lousy AD if you´d asked me (and in a way, YOU DID, by posting it). Im happy you feel proud of your shorlists, but i wouldnt brag about the ads, theres nothing wonderful about them.


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refreshing, in one word.

reason being, healthcare work is usually so formulaic, and so very pharma-ish, that something like this comes across as a welcome change.

u give a brief for a brand on insomnia to a healthcare agency, and 9 times out of 10, they will show a person unable to sleep.

this, i guess, is the 10th one.

probably one of the reasons why the clio jury chose to award this.

it may not be one of the greatest campaigns in the world, not by any stretch of imagination, but at least it is refreshing.

Mr Gi-Bo, this is the way to comment. See. Learn. Be constructive. Learn to appreciate someone's achievement. Stop sulking at people whose won has shone through.

And maybe, just maybe, even u could win an award someday.

A fu****g clio, to put it in your words.

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Award shows give you shortlists so you keep sending your work and paying the fees.

This right here is the real ad world with no interests attached.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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MR SCRIBBL!. Thanks for your suggestions, and for enlighting me, but I am not you, and I have my own way of saying whatever it is I want to say. U do not know me nor if I have or not won any award whatsoever, but that is irrelevant here, This is not about appreciating someones achievement or not. Im not saying there wasnt effort and good will in this ad. My comment was a response to previous guests reactions to others opinions whereas a "shortlist" is the ultimate defense for this ad. If you post, ur exosed to others critiques, or comments. Learning to handle others opinions, no matter how unfair and destructive may they be is also something one should learn, including yourself. So stop answering "THIS WON A SHORTLIST" to others opinions If U dont want a reaction, and stop telling me how to give my opinions.

NOW, I DO apologize for the "fu**ing" expressed previously, but what the fu**!!.


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Took me a lot to get it. "catch sleep". Is it clear for peolple who knows the product?

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pretty much.
this campaign is intended for medical professionals.
they know such brands inside out.

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This one misses the mark for me. I think Ivan got it right with what it's about, but using a symbol that might often keep a person up at night (the idea of rats in the house) and another symbol that represents death just pushes it too far out from the goal.

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"Puns are the droppings of soaring wits."

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yah a bit hard to catch overall but execution is just ok for the concept i think

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Lyndon, thanks for putting your work up here and staying around for the reaction. The thing that doesn't quite work for me here, is the fact that a majority of the metaphors you used involve violent death of some sort, How did that go down in the medical community? I understand that the medication Eszopiclone works quickly, and this may have influenced the team's choice of analogues, but... trap/kill/smother... they're not really something I'd want on my doctor's mind if I'm an insomnia sufferer.

There is even inconsistency *within* your choices: the rat is a nuisance, the fish is food and the butterfly is a hobby. They'll all end up dead, that's the only thing they have in common. I think the thinking behind this is flawed all over, and I would bet money that Johnson&Johnson didn't go with this: putting a mousetrap beside their product? A fishing barb? No chance. The only excuse for this negative imagery is that it's a scam series that never saw the light of day. Awful, and as Felicitas points out, with unoriginal artwork too.

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himanshu prabhakar
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Himanshu Prabhakar

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Karim B
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I like!

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Well, I don't like this one and the one with the fish because they are violent and not so precise as metaphors. But sleep as a butterfly and a pill as a net that could help to catch that beautiful & unpredictable being... I believe that's not a bad paralel at all. And I don't think ppl would over-analyse it and start wondering what happens to that poor butterfly after being catched. For me, it is a "soft vision" but maybe I am just too naive.

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i really liked the idea. it has just simply put across the idea of 'catch the sleep' in a nice visual. I know we all have our own opinions, but why incise the idea so much? I totally agree with scribbl, Healthcare hardly gets to c such interesting ads. all in all...let the ads breathe some air..

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