Betadine Feminine Wash: Vagina bag

Hygiene on the go.

Advertising Agency: DM Pratama Communications, Jakarta, Indonesia
Executive Creative Director: Maria Sum
Creative Director: Eko Haryanto
Creative Group Head: Sonny Atma Keswani
Copywriters: Maria Sum, Achmad Maulana
Retoucher: Ubaidillah
Account Service: Juli Edi Nugroho, Olivia Maria Tane
Published: November 2013


Cris_Bellalta's picture
25 pencils

a little perturbing

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
550 pencils

Creepy ad for a medical product that shouldn't be used for douching. Are we going back to the days of Lysol as feminine hygiene? Gross!

kleenex's picture
36280 pencils

ooooohhhhhhh man...

Pete R.'s picture
Pete R.
2103 pencils

Funny, does 'purse' or 'bag' has a second meaning in Indonesian language?

Art & Illustration

Zee Andrea Usairi's picture
Zee Andrea Usairi
16 pencils

wow, double meaning... we can bring the product to everywhere..

VeronicaFranco's picture
789 pencils

God NO!

Samsimilla's picture
26 pencils

like seriously, at least wax it first. :/

lol awards?

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