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Activity Score 40

excelente idea. excelente gráfica

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Positive idea. Love it!

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Activity Score 353

nice visual, but why is there a muddy river in the middle?

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it's not a river, it's a cobble path.

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I think he was being sarcastic haha.


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Activity Score 40

muy bueno excelente trabajo

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Juan Cabral
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Red Riding Hood Idea is a must for any starter.

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As much as Little Red Riding Cape...

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love it.

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a young child is in love with the stalker who killed and ate her grandma?

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yeah i think they want to "play" with those "impossible loves" but behind this story there's not a forbidden love or an "impossible" one like in the first one (the princess and the frog), they should dig deeper and find another story that works better for this concept, like the other one, works perfect.

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so does listening Besame FM makes fall in love with the things u can expect even ? but again nice illustration


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Activity Score 40

excelente idea. excelente gráfica