Berlitz: Suitcase

Advertising School: JUNIOR* Academy for Art Direction, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Directors / Copywriters / Illustrators: Eduard van Bennekom, Jasper Diks
Published: 2009


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If it were done with photographs of a real person, and the copy had subtitles on the photos reading "I lost my panther print suitcase" and a subhead near the logo saying "There's an easier way to explain", then this would look a lot better, but it would still take too much time to understand.

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I agree, the drawing is crude and almost unfinished. It seems like a sketch idea that was chosen because of lack of time. It wasn't even refined or completed.

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first idea and it looks like an airline ad

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i like the idea...

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I like the idea. And do you wann know why? Because you have to read the copy to understand it. A paradoxon i know.

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Good ad.
Sure, the illustration looks crude...but so does a lot of other illustrations from high paid artists.

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