Berlitz: Spanish

The good news: he speaks Spanish. The bad news: you don't.
Better be prepared for the future.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Frankfurt, Germany
Art Directors: Tim Jacobs, Carolin Hermann, Margit Tejada
Copywriter: Friedrich Tromm
Photographers: Aziz Wakim, Gunther Dachert
Retoucher: Reproductions


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funny, like it!

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is this some kind of cultural reference? cuz i don't get it at all.


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Juan Cabral
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Well, If I have done such a bad campaign I would do everything to hide it!

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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ok... spanish speaking aliens could be invading earth? And that's why i should better learn spanish?

oh boy... and what's with the crappy execution? maybe i don't get it

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i believe this creature refers to an influenza virus related to "Spanish flu"... Ad people should know better.

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what? a) that's bullshit b) that would be even worse

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Marlus Lau
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It´s completely stupid, but funny also. The execution is a crap indeed. What´s that "back to the future" arrow after 'bad'?

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oh boy! oh boy!

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this campain was never released

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this campain was never released

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Funny, nice idea, but art is terrible. I would rather use a great girl with tremendous smile.. :)


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hahaha!!! Ok humans. Me los voy a comer a todos por no saber hablar español, porque comer hablando español es más rico. OLÉ HOMBRE QUE TE COGE EL TORO!!!

"Si eres buen copy, presiona alt + F4"

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The good News: Some people here like bad Headlines and really ugly Art Direction.

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Bad news, i speak spanish too, and i don´t understand this crap.

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neither do i, actually i think this is such a bad work, i dont get the main idea of any of one of this ads, what tha hell did they want to mean???

en pocas palabras, no entiendo nadaaaaaaaa!!! porque un marciano?? que diablos!!?? (dios, librame de crear algo como esto algún día.)

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The good news: We can turn to the next page.
The bad news: Your credits will stay here.

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"I have an idea. We aliens threatening to take over the world, but they won't take over the world if you speak a foreign language. And it's like 'Be better prepared for the future' because 'the future' = aliens and 'better prepared' = learning another language. Does that work...or is it too simple?"

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Kann irgend jemand diese Kampagne bitte aus dieser Homepage entfernen?
So viel Talentfreiheit wie hier gezeigt wird ist schlicht weg entsetzlich!

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How bad. Seriously tremendously and tantalizingly awful.

Quite really.

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These aliens look like sleazy gadgets found in kinder surprise eggs.
Not terrifying at all.

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I smell cheese.

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far below students level

pre-puberal province surrealism

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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