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The 1...

Dun't get it........
Plz sum1 explain

Thinking what to think

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The sign suggests there is something dangerous is happening in the area that you must know about. But, you don't speak the language to read it. Frustrating? Go to Berlitz.

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me encanta!

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Ahhhhh! The thing from Tremors!!

I really like em. Simple, funny, and a great contribution to the already great Berlitz stuff.

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Dick Huges
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Well the pictures in the signs kinda screw the idea. Because you see the pictures and you know the place have something that is dangerous. So you dont need to read anything in any language. So the client there is kinda useless.

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That's why signs are for. To dismiss words. I agree with you.

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o how i wish i hadnt seen these! am still knocking my head for not thinking of these! awesome work people! bravo!

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I'm chinese, the picture looks horrible, but the words only suggest, " There's worms here." which is relatively harmless. That's the power of language, and knowing them. :)

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