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"Visine: it gets the red out."

BTW, anyone else notice the wrong number of stripes?


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I'm sure people outside of the states don't give a rats how many stripes are on your stinking flag. Now it looks like the United States of Greece.

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Fucking hell chill out!

'Say it right, then say it great' - Hey Whipple! Squeeze this!

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To me, this one looks like Israel meets USA which is a little too political for a travel guide ad in my opinion. Lots of better ideas could have been executed for this client and this concept.

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I was trying to point out that this ad is open to several interpretations, though Greece is one of them and most likely the intended one, there are others that are negative and/or controversial.

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I don't know why but I don't like it when they play with national flags.

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please. no more altered flags.

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oh! une pub avec des drapeaux...

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Blessilda Mok
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If you have to alter a flag make sure it's accurate.

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we did this campaign 2 years ago for mobile operator cosmofon in macedonia. It function much better that way . the slogan is one world.
This is preety much the same but without idea behind it. I will post the campaign now on adforum and adsofthewolrd as well

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