April 2008

Berlitz. Break the language barrier.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Alexander Reiss
Art Director: Alexander Reiss
Copywriter: Shahir Sirry
Illustrator: Maren Esdar

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cheza's picture
Activity Score 100

Doesn't work for me, too much of a copy-paste look.

Grand Prix's picture
Grand Prix
Activity Score 37

Gorgeous and breathtaking Artdirection.

comAd's picture
Activity Score 162

Yeah. Breath taking it is.

MarkaMarka's picture
Activity Score 9

Very nice idea and art work!

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

Am I missing something?

jsptrck404's picture
Activity Score 437

Yeah, but that's the point – that you don't get what it says. That's so you'll need their product to 'break' the language barrier presented.

But seriously, do you have to show people literally 'locked-up' in the words?

ugh, wince, groan.

No better way to show language barrier? I'm thinking that (language barrier) sounds like pretty fertile ground.

| think small |

djakuza's picture
Activity Score 517

breathtanking???? Sorry but the Artdirection in my optinion is weak and i don't get the idea, is there any?

Silverinha's picture
Activity Score 65

I love the shades! Show!

SKOL's picture
Activity Score 19

Incredible work...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's quite easy: If you learn the language - you break the barrier and get the girls ... but we have the best girls!!
Regards from Stockholm!

@brandon: Brain cells, maybe ; )

BogusTrumper's picture
Activity Score 9

Really nice work. Like that style of illustration.

ChuckNorris's picture
Activity Score 834

Great idea.

Horrible art direction.

Everything looks like it was just pasted there.

Fabian Kirner's picture
Fabian Kirner
Activity Score 270

Not that bad my old friends!!!

I´m glad to see you´re able to create great stuff even though I´ve left you! :-)

Keep on!


JFDreamer's picture
Activity Score 176

Agree with Fabian Kirner. The idea is kinda nice, but the art direction is not good, in all the ads!! Let's be objective people. The images don't come together, wrong perspective, light isn't correct either. Sorry, but it's half way.

Fabian Kirner's picture
Fabian Kirner
Activity Score 270

... ahem, I think you got me wrong. Actually I like that stuff!
Did you take a closer look to the illustrtators portfolio?
Check it out at

thirty6chambers's picture
Activity Score 1464

uhh did you know that not every single ad has to look that way?

EGGO's picture
Activity Score 354

Art direction is good but I just don't get how it breaks the language barrier.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

jh4v1's picture
Activity Score 11
cheza's picture
Activity Score 100

Doesn't work for me, too much of a copy-paste look.