Benetton: Unhate, Vatican-Al Azhar

United Colors of Benetton.
Supports the Unhate Foundation

The Pope and Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb, Imam of the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo

Advertising Agency: Fabrica, Italy
Creative Directors: Carlo Cavallone, Eric Ravelo
Designers: Robert Nakata, Paulo Martins

November 2011


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will be interesting to see the reaction to this one. might generate more hate than "unhate" from religious extremists

Always try to be unique even when forced to conform.

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Yea I think it will bring a fireback on them, I have already posted on my FB and it was mix between hatred and neutral


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i have to say i was surprised the first reaction came from the pope.... well no i guess not surprised. lets hope the feedback no matter how angry doesn't turn violent

Always try to be unique even when forced to conform.

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Great campaign

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What does that mean.

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I can already hear some bigot's head exploding...

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Smart and very brave. I love it!

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this one is the boldest of the series..

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the idea was good but playing on religion???????!!!!! so wrong

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why not religion? religion also is an industry like politics and business.

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This one was actually withdrawn. In any case, the campaign is vintage Benetton.

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not really clever job... but impact

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Yes, this image has been withdrawn today. I cannot think that the brand could not imagine what it would have happened.

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I am a Muslim and also from Cairo, and throughout my life I did not think that wanting to offend non-Muslims, even if once the design or any other idea at all.

My religion is Islam, because he told me good treatment of non-Muslims, and ordered by God Almighty and commanded by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Please delete this idea is offensive to you by one of the flags, a Muslim imam of Al-Azhar

Read more about Islam and I'm sure you will change your thinking about Islam and Muslims.

please see this...

LasT Breath


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Thanks for posting this :D

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luckily, this ad is not a person :D

easy to say "art director".

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Benetton has balls.

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thx a lot benetton for this're selling love, but integrist won't understand this ad unfortunatelly although their religion told them to love people ! They will only see a provocation dumb are they !

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Seriously?! This promotes love?? Please explain how? How an image of two conflicting leaders, who aren't homosexual, kissing each other on the mouth promotes love? You think people with decades of bottled up hate and anger caused by injustices on both sides were just waiting for Benetton to tell them, "Come on guys, let's kiss each other on the lips and make up!" ...what are you, four?!?!?

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Roger Keynes
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Love is a braver thing to do than hate, Takemelius.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Yes, and it's stronger than thunder!
Dude, wake up, put down the doobie, take off those heart shaped glasses and smell the tear gas. We're way past Mills and Boon.
Most people don't even see this as an expression of love. This is how they see it:

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What else could be expected of Benetton+ Oliviero Toscani working together? Ads are shocking, interesting but unrelated to the core of Benetton. They continue to deliver campaigns that have no clear message and has nothing to do with their brand+products. They have tried this before and failed, why would they think that doing this again would work?

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I don't see how this could be impressive communication. It's cheap advertising. Being provocative is an easy job. Using religon to be provocative is even easier. I don't see how mouth kissing could be about "unhate". I believe Benetton are just desprate for attention but needed to cover it with a fake message that would deceive superficial people for a cause.

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Roger Keynes
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The great ideas always polarise... and have the 'black' and 'white' elements...

great advertising-beyond-advertising, Benetton.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Not all smart ideas that challenge societies work well all over the world... it may be viewed as excellent work in France but no way this could work in the Middle East
I'm just wondering what the showcased figures have to say about this?

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Roger Keynes
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Pulled in Australia (and globally?) due to Vatican legal threats.

Love, peace, compassion, humanity, respect... my arse.

Hmmm... Christianity.

Now there's one fucked up brand.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Nike Diesel
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Try any religion. They're all screwed up in their own way...

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How dare you insult the holy church? ! how dare you? you know that the earth is only 2011 years old. dinosaurs did not exist. there are no other religions in the world. see.

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Nike Diesel
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Sure thing, buddy. See you on the other side.

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Fantastic Insight, bad expression (i.e. Obvious and Literal execution), UCB should stick with their usual Creative geniusness.

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benetton have balls

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