Benadryl: Masks, Green man

Allergies can attack any time.
Win the war against allergies.

Advertising Agency: JWT London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Dominick Lynch-Robinson
Art Director: Adam Scholes
Copywriter: Hugh Todd
Photographer: Graeme Stuart
Mask Maker: Steven Whinnery
Account Director: Will Kirkpatrick
Production: Stuart Heyburn
Typographer: Chris Hutton
Retouching: John Proudfoot

May 2011


ace85le's picture
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I like the idea but the photo treatment certainly could be improved.


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morse's picture
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What does the green man represent? I like the the other two ads from the campaign more.

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Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
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Manoma's picture
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Good creation for sûre,
but the scarry side of the stratégy is disturbing... for me.

kuzni's picture
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Great idea, something diferent, but not feeling the print it self, just not operated right

atb2005's picture
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I am as confused by your comment as I am by this campaign. You say it's a "great idea" and "something different", but not "operated right". And if it's a "great idea", why only 4 stars?

I think it's a crap idea. I love "eerie", but not when it comes to pharmaceuticals.

Glut's picture
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weak series!

jackblack's picture
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Not great v3.

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