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MMmmmm..... I really don't get it...

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Is it, that the sardines are that light, so the swimmer doesn't sink? But... it doesn't anyway when you just put the worm (for exemple) on it, does it? I'm confuessed...

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Margaret Gay
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I THINK that the message may be that even though the sardines have been "caught"..they are so light that you dont feel them tugging on the line...

CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG: but i am REALLY not getting it...

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WQ graphics
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Well the finishing is neat, but isn't the main idea of an Ad is to delever message?
i guess they missed it, not every one will see that LIGHT means catching more than one fish.

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Too much of a stretch. Where's the benefit?

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those fishes are not sardines...
what's the point?

and... why do they make bubbles???
could anyone explain please?

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I don't understand it.

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i don't think anyone can understand that.. but i'll give it a try:
is it three sardines on one hook (as a lure) cause three light sardines are the same calories as a normal one?

total crap anyway!

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I dont understand it either. Why three on one hook? And what should I do as a reader? What´s my benefit in buying this particular brand?

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So bad!!! what a waste of cash!! really nice finishing though!! just a poor idea

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