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March 2010

Print advertisment created by Ogilvy, Brazil for BelCuore Café, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Long night ahead?

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil
VIce-President Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Head of Art: Denis Kakazu
Art Directors: Pedro Izique
Copywriters: Fred Saldanha, Claudio Lima
Photographer: Pedro Izique
Illustrator: Pedro Izique

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Muhammad Imran's picture
Muhammad Imran
Activity Score 616

it keeps you awake! nice concept tho...

Hiperion's picture
Activity Score 3138

come on....
bad art..very bad art..

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

nice art

xcreativity's picture
Activity Score 2374

it just looks strange in my opinion

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mikeelrapido's picture
Activity Score 1929

I agree that this looks strange..


Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3736

Eye catch... i like this.

Simple ideas are the best !

Donald Draper's picture
Donald Draper
Activity Score 137

mmmm ok.

Adaddicted's picture
Activity Score 3435

Same execution, boring!


Muhammad Imran's picture
Muhammad Imran
Activity Score 616

it keeps you awake! nice concept tho...

Holly Boy's picture
Holly Boy
Activity Score 42


talkingisfree's picture
Activity Score 2712

Nothing special,horrible letterings!

ek kanya's picture
ek kanya
Activity Score 814

lobve the art.

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7615

as long as its delivering the msg. then it should be fine.. its not the best art possible but it has some impact upon the viewer

| everartz |

blueturtles's picture
Activity Score 239

hey guys, instead of just useless criticism why don't we give something constructive. Otherwise we just assume that the user name belongs to a bitter jobless has-been who hasn't come up with a good concept in a while.

i really like this one. the art can still be pushed. i think the image in the middle make the piece weaker than i should be. maybe think of putting something a bit clearer. i don't know what image can be placed...but it definitely needs more time. but the art direction on the "eye" portion looks great already. the typography also weakens the piece. makes it look student-like. if the art director behind this piece put a little more time into that type, i think it would greatly enhance the campaign.

otherwise, this is a good start. it definitely has legs.

DarkSide's picture
Activity Score 1066

I like it.
Beautiful and original art.
The message is good to. Coffee makes you focus and be alert to what is important in a long night.
The deer ad is better. A little easier to get.

siriuswhite's picture
Activity Score 4

Normal. Porém, ghost até dizer chega.

DarkSide's picture
Activity Score 1066

Mais que Chico Xavier.