BeiJing Women & Children's Development Foundation: Scorpion

Do you really know about his food?

Advertising Agency: Shunya, Peking, China,
Executive Creative Director: Chu Ge
Senior Art Directors: HuangCheng
Senior Copy Writers: Chu Ge
Illustrators: HuangCheng
Retouch: HuangCheng
Photographer: Lu CangHai


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Wow! Really creepy, which makes it very effective at delivering its message.

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I love art, but i don´t understand message

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Maybe just because the English copy is not very clear. This AD is about "food safety" things. and if U are in China, U will really really care about this problem.

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i am in china ,i think it's not bad for our food safety

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i am in china ,i think it's not bad for our food safety, NOT

im in china too

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¿Qué pasa, que no ves los "animalitos"? Acabas de demostrar que además de comentar de manera arrogante y sin sentido en casi todos tus comentarios, no tienes ni idea de cómo prestar atención a los detalles, ergo no tienes ni idea de ver anuncios, ergo no tienes ni idea de publicidad. Presumo que eres un "vidente" del montón. No aportas absolutamente nada con tus comentarios, sólo críticas destructivas.

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props to the execution. Only problem is, though, the details might be a bit too subtle to catch readers' attention if the picture is not big enough.


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good art


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is that a scorpio?

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