Beijing Sports Radio: Golf

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Directors: Simon Handford, Sandy Chan
Creative Director: Alvin Lim
Art Directors: Alvin Lim, Sonny Tjahjadi, Jason Pan, Hubert Yeung
Associate CD / Copywriter: Richard Sorensen
Retoucher: A Thousand Eyes
Account team: Tak Chi Lee, Paul Lam, Cao Yu
Published: February 2012


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simple and clever. well done

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very good campaign.

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Nike Diesel
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Thanks for the link.

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Good idea, and good realisation ;-)
(clap clap!)

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Panda Man
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I like the golf the most! clean and nice.

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Very good. No reason to be ashamed of.
The world is big. The internet is fast.
You can´t know every f** student work in the world.

I like.

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I'm with Abc. Ideas are going to overlap. It's impossible to forever avoid similar concepts. Lighten up. This isn't such a unique idea that it's inconceivable there's a similar concept out there...

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This is why my work is usually focused around the headlines. Visual ads are the most likely to be replicated, whereas it's very difficult to use the EXACT SAME headline as someone else. And it IS your responsibility to make sure you're not using an idea that's already out there. If you work for an agency and you produce this, and you realize a competitor already made it, then your client is going to be pissed. Use words like you actually know how to write and give yourself an edge, or at the very least take your strategy further so you can really own it.

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This was pretty famous work done by students. It would have taken a couple minutes on google to realize that it has been done even if they didn't rip the idea.


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