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A bit boring...

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

boring? it`s a good little joke. But the shirt from mr. guets44445555s link is better.

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There's only so many ways to sell white-out.

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What the hell?

Who the hell is still using white-out?

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Just because it is used less these days doesn't mean it is no longer a product that needs advertising.

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Richard C

Before WHAT ... ?

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before - grey color? Still nothing? Hope you get it now ...


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nice concept. that's it.

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I Love it. Simple yet clever, and to the point.

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Come on. Nobody still likes this shit, do they?

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So... Um... They whited out the word After??? Someone bought and paid to publish this ad? I am sure that this is not going to have people returning to buy whiteout. What are they going to do, white out their computer screens??? I agree, who the heck still uses whiteout?

Furthermore, they should be spending their time making stuff that actually is the same color as the page, and doesn't get all bumpy and then scratch up when you try to write over it. Seriously, it's like trying to write over dried snot; and is about as close to the color of the paper as a non-color calibrated screen and a powder-based printer.

If this ad were remotely truthful you would see ridges in the paper on the after side, and scrapes of the gray coming through. This really sucks!!!

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Chico Ribeiro
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Maybe people who still buy print magazines are the same who still use whiteout.

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great great ad but has been done b4 for head and shoulders..

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For H&S? And the "before" was written with hair?

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I think this is a solid, effective idea, and the commenters here that don't think so are merely exposing themselves as staid and uncreative has-beens and never-weres. The only knock against it is that the whole "before/after" thing has been way overdone.

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You couldn't be more wrong, seriously.

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Well, poo on you.

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Has Wite-Out ever actually run a real ad?

If not, they certainly get a lot of free P.R. from student and scam work.

BTW, does anybody even use Wite-Out anymore? Isn't that what backspace and delete buttons are for in this century?

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good point. let it rest in peace

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I think ads like this lower the reputation and standard of
this site in general.

Lets create art, not reshuffle it.

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This is a fantastic idea, and it's very well executed. You people are ridiculous. It's a simple idea and it calls for a simple execution. It creates a small riddle to solve. It's perfect the way it is.

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makes me smile, nice job!

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