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pffff comon, sometimes i don't understand the level of work that we see here! Or is it just to show us a variety of work? ANyway, this concept doesn't do it for me at all.

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

i agree. this idea would work if instead of a coffee mug, it was something that we normally put our teeth on, or bite down on (a coffee mug isn't one of these things). not sure what that would be though.

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student work

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Who chews Extra for healthy teeth? You buy a pack of gum for better breath - or maybe for whiter teeth - but stronger teeth? This ad is playing on what's maybe the #4 benefit of Extra gum. Not a great selling point.

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
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agreed, not to mention you'd waight till after your morning coffee to chew some gum to combat the coffee breath.

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The handle is meant to lift the cup.... isn't it? or I've been wrong my whole life and it's just ornamental and I'm suppossed to lift it with my teeth? I'm sure that most people just don't bite the cup border as they drink from it.

Don't like it.

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First, this ad is terrible. No way will a gum make your teeth stronger. Your body is predisposed to it's bone density and it's up to genetics and proper nutrition to determine how strong your teeth are.

Second, that is one tiny mouth, just look at those tiny teeth marks. No attention to detail.

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i don't think the teeth marks are too small. consider that this is a 0.5 or a 1 liter beer mug and not a coffee cup as someone said before.

but they really look strange, too cartoon-like. i absolutely agree with you on your first point, this stronger-teeth promise is just utter nonsense.

ellehcimeo's picture
3516 pencils

Fine. Maybe it is a large 1 litre beer mug. Maybe.

You are just trying to get me to make out with you aren't you. ;)

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Bollocks strategy and brief, before it even got into creative.
Here is Oz they've tried the "chewing gum stimulates saliva so it's good for you" speel.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Again another same idea but different execution. Not biting

puppiepoppy's picture
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SUPER DUPER OLD idea. Used to death for tooth paste, etc.

hadrianapolis's picture
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really bad

peak900's picture
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This ist from 2001 ... Leo Burnett took it to make a Corporate Design for a dentist. Business Cards, Business Sign and even the door handle was designed with biting ... okay who's been first?

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Done before or not, I'd rather be raped by a gang of cactuses than have this ad in my book. It is simply a bad idea. Come on, don't post shit here. Let there be some sort of filter that says: "this doesn't deserve to represent advertising".

Claudia76798687's picture

Smart idea. Very cool.

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I disagree with most commentators on this ad. I think it is brilliantly lite hearted. It's also very to the point in that one doesn't become aware of his/her subconscious chewing of gum, AND enjoying a piece of gum can be done most anywhere (except mass); so biting off a chunk off of ceramic cups, glasses, fingers, etc. relays that concept. A styrofoam cup might've been too tactless, but I think we all know that teeth don't pull their strength from their composition as much as from the gums.

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simply: repetitive

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thats too over....very hyperbola..
nobody wants to eat they mug...thats crazy...
why not make a crack??so...maybe the teeth is collided with the mug..not to eat...

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