Beer Point pub: Krusovice

Now open new Beer Point pub

Advertising Agency: Kinograf, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Vitaliy Kokoshko
Art Director: Anna Timkov
Copywriter: Oleg Kiselitsa, Konstantin Chernyh
Illustrator: Elene Burkovskaya (Pautinka)
Photographer: Alexander Zadiraka
Published: July 2010


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So the idea is what exactly?

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Cut them some slack, they're working in Ukraine.

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The idea is to show how bad retouching can screw something that has no idea.

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Interesting work for a new pub ... but because there is no laws and rules for Alcoholic Drinks ad's in Ukraine = easy stuff for creatives.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Don´t get it. What´s the point here?

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a print campaign for a new local pub opening? i smell scam...

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John van de Vor...
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Well, you won't win any prizes with it, but at least you got Glalova's attention :)

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a bunch of beer mug swallower as a print campaign...hmmm...hik!...hik!...hik!

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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