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This is brilliant on so many levels. Not only the strategy - call to action hits people right away via text messages - but the idea in this one in particular, about a pint of beer or fresh water - would get me every time I leave a bar. Text a donation while I'm tipsy?...sure!!!!!

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realy like it

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Fot the same money you buy a beer, you could be online all day. Etc etc etc etc.

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Fantastic. I love these.

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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Perverse and scary. I don't want a totally
Westernized world. The "models" are
beautiful, but the concept is ugly.
Besides, the looks on their faces are
detached from the products. Selling
stuff through detachment?
Pretty ridiculous, in my opinion...
which is exactly why it'll work for self
centered Westerners.

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Instead of donating time to do a charity campaign why not donate £20,000 and then challenge every agency to do the same?
That'd buy a lot of water without the need for garnering accolades for clever ideas.

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