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Great concept :) execution could have been a lot better :(

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Activity Score 339

that's something thing new... good job maybe
Gold Clio or Cannes 2008..

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Go on YouTube and look up the 1950s aspirin commercials. Nothing but jackhammers inside the head.

Something new?


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Concept done before... Nice artwork

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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this is a nice execution. the guy with the beer could be done away with though.. he's really disturbing.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Well, I don't think so, because the guy with the beer IS the concept. He is calling in the workers for a beer, so they don't bother the woman anymore, isn't he? Nice idea, not so nice art, I think...

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Ad Junkie At Large
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to me the beer is a bad idea because the product is th solution to the problem and for me the solution for a headache isn't beer, its usually the other way around. I know a hang over is differant than a migrain but the association is still there.

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beer is for workerssssss

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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Activity Score 2

Nice Idea!!!

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Is that what he's doing? I see.

We're going to need more lube.

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Frane Rectal

it is a nice concept although the beer thing is distracting.
at first i was thinking that she's been binge drinking the night before.

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Migraine is a one-sided headache...

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That's a very funny concept! I just think the execution could be A LOT better.

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Activity Score 288

I agree with kalpesh78. There's no need for the man with the beer, as that element detracts emphasis of the product. The shadowing could be better on the man-feet. This piece is pretty attractive visually though.

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Activity Score 328

Y'know, I was about to agree too. It's a problem/solution idea; it could also work as just a problem idea. A migraine feels like a dozen jackhammers in your head, therefore, take Weleda.

Then I thought, hmm... that'd just be an okay ad. It would work, but it would just be okay - nothing great.

Add the beer/sausages/priest, and it becomes funny.

But I agree the art direction could use some work. Right now it looks very slapdash, as if it was rushed out for a tight deadline. And the background is totally distracting and unnecessary - better to have it against plain white or black.

Do that, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this on the awards shortlists next year.

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Activity Score 166

hmmm... There was a hair replacement billboard in Philly that used sparkplugs in the same manner to suggest (of course, what else - the hair plugs) that was on a nice crisp white background. Same execution, different product. But I have to admit, it's an image that still sticks with me to this day.

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Activity Score 52

OMG, love the packshot, love it love it :) crazyness is always good!

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Guest star

great campaign, very refreshing. love how they top and twist a rather first thought idea by making these tiny guys pop out of the packaging.
this one's the weakest of the bunch, "beer against headaches" would be a nice concept by itself but i don't think it is in this campaign.
besides that: didn't the client go waaa waaa when they saw their pack shot, their baby, their sanctum, "blemished" like this?

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as i thought coming up with a comment with awards make centain issue a lot more entertaining keep it up guys heheheeh

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I like the beer guy, otherwise it's the same old Hammer headeache Ad.

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Activity Score 103

i think: Concept it doesn't reference to hammerman.. concepto is what about migran remedy? thats get out the hammerman from your head so fast like beer.
the concepto is a joke but its good.
i like

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billy Hill

I've got a Lion and a Clio. They're cool and impressive. I've got other awards too.

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hey, i recently got an oscar for some lousy acting.
wanna trade?

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To put all doubts to a halting rest, this campaign won silver at the 2007 loerie awards. Lapeace Kakaza, and to one of the most brilliant, humble and level-headed conceptual copywriters that South Africa has ever produced - Festus Masekwameng (congrats on your new CD title), Well done for that epic list of awards that you guys have attained. Big up gentleman, siyabonga bafethwu, you guys are living proof that ama creative abu ndarkie blaze trails.

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Activity Score 6

Love it


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