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This is the best, because the glass is so big. :)

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why the glass has to be full with wine (specially when the bottle is also full and still closed)?...
For me it´s kind of arghhh to see this amount of wine poured into a glass, any glass.
nahhh, i don´t think it´s working.

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I like the concept, but you've got a point with the full and closed bottle. It makes the ad a little mediocre.

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in a word : CLEVER.

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bara bara baez
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I has a dream I was sour grape tasting this wasn't wine haven't done that didn't.

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It was clever! it was a party meant for sour grapes and wine whiners. Hahahaha, the strat worked.

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i like the concept... the copy it's too easy, more brains next time!

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Turkey wine ¡puag!