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bad ad, even worse tag...

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Does urban means graffitti?

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but why does urban not home? i mean is urban a bad or negative word?

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apparently it is for them.
i had to see the three of them to "get" it (i think).

man, this furniture gives you serious bad luck: gunshots, grafitti and a guy killed in your living room.
i know the name is "urban homes", but... ouch. these are very poor.

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Sorry, what was the idea or meaning again?

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come on guys, this is brilliant stuff... i think the family has an urban kid... and maybe the mom and dad's combined ages are 98 and the kids 2... but the mom and dad came from a farm in texas... and they moved to dallas and their kid is 2 and he painted on the walls... this is BRILLIANT stuff and people with no brains shouldn't bag it!!!

-this doobie's good :)

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Jonny Lonestar
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Nooooooooo!!!!! you've gone and exposed to the world the secret meaning of "urban" !!! sigh. so. so. so. Dallas.

most segregated city i've ever lived in.

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Jonny Lonestar
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it'd make sense for say, a piece of gum to be stuck to your seat, a pane of a window in a toy car to be broken, an ant traffic jam, a street cleaner, a pigeon, etc. but why drive-bys, chalk outlines, and graffiti?

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I like it, tastefully done.

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I don't like it, why would they make their name turn to a negative?
Think again.

Fail Harder.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I probably would've pursued "more urban, less country" route.
But that's probably already been done...

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You know, I like these. They are just playing with the words of the client, but the visuals are pretty well done.

I think they communicate the spirit of the company.


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banana tom
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these image is very nice. but what does the ad mean?

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The idea is not bad, but the point is, how the grafiti comes behind the bed ?

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furniture store...

Wow.. Some very cool images. Really like the dining table with the long upholstered benches. Awesome design!!