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its bad breath ppl! c'mon!

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Really Nice Idea


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amit parekh
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i don get d idea..

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Stale one. O&M's idea? Really?

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good one..

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I like the simplicity of this ad. I first noticed how clean and plain the room is. There is no view out the window, no clutter, no pattern on the sheets, and all of this keeps the viewer from getting distracted from what the advertisement is for. However, there is still a clock and a couple books, with some wrinkles in the sheets, just to make it seem somewhat real and not a completely fabricated scene. It is very obviously a "morning-after" scene, where I imagine the couple had a nice dinner the night before and couldn't sleep facing one another because the breath was too strong from the meal. I gather this assumption because people wouldn't regularly chose to sleep by feet instead of a face, so the only way feet are better than a face is if someone's breath smells really terrible. It is also a simple ad because of how small the logo is and where the logo is placed. The majority of the ad is the simple story of the pillows on opposite ends of the bed, with no big product picture or brand name. In fact, the only brand name is on the actual tin of mints. They kill two birds with one stone in using a picture of the product to display the brand name; they show the consumer the name and what packaging to look for at the store which makes the product easy to find and purchase. Overall, I really like this ad. The simplicity makes the point straightforward, not confusing, and makes it pleasing to look at, which would incline me to try the product.