Beaujolais & Beyond Festival 2010: Cowboy

Denver meets France

Advertising Agency: Amélie Company, Denver, USA
Creative Director: Gordy Hirsch
Art Directors / Copywriter: Gordy Hirsch/Garrett DeHeer
Illustrator: Garrett DeHeer
Published: November 2010


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hum.. i dont know, maybe im not part of their market.

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This is the weakest of the three. The star and hat make it look more Texan than Denver

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This design is stolen from Turnstyle Studio. I will be contacting them about this. If anyone wants to see the original poster, please visit

Go to their "work" section and click on the "turnstyle" section. It is a few pieces in, but you can find it. It was actually part of an award winning self-promo poster for the studio.

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Completely agree; I don't associate stars and cowboy hats with Colorado.

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