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Errr... Ermm... Alright, what is this?

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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ancho mucho
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uhm.. i think the copy translates the illustration.

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Stupid comment

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The connect doesn't seem correct... What has winter check up got to do with bears?... Though the creative analogy is understandable, it is not very convincing... It looks like the guy is trying some bravado with the bear, now that he is assured of winter checkup for his volkswagen... He may have to start looking for a checkup for himself, being so close to the mammoth creature...

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i understand the ad will work for the client. but is it good enough to feature out here. personally i think a jr. copywriter should have better ads in his/her portfolio.

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ivan please dont be mad at me but i think this ad has been published just cuz the client is a big one. If the client was, for example, a small car service located somewhere in someplace, this ad wud've been trashed with no mercy.

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You're correct. Is that wrong? I'm open for suggestions.

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imhhhho, i currently think that big companies' ads, even if not really well-made, dont necessary need more "free" mentions. They got the right "instruments" as well (read: great budgets, great opportunities, great visibility) to autopromote themselves. Flashy blinks of creativity, even if made to advertise small shops indeed, should be recognized instead. There's plenty of great small unknown agencies full of creativity out there, and i think that a great site like this should be a chance to them to show something new and interesting, not just for getting notoriety but mainly to inspire this huge community. I want to stay very humble, always, in every case; but i cant gain any good inspiration from an ad like this and, even if i know how tough is it to convince a client to adopt an edgy way of advertise. I really think that if i was AOTW admin, i would trash ideas that dont show, objectively, a creative way to communicate, even if made for wolkswagen SPA.
I wrote too much, i'm sorry.

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ddb italy seems to be doing a lot of work on vw but only 10% of it is actually any good...

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this is a missed opportunity, what i got out of it is if the bear decides to go beserk this guy will be able to run, get in his VW and drive off without ny complications.
That SHOUD have been the idea and if it is its really badly executed

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this is a cool idea. But i'm not sure that fits the client's idea of advertising. Maybe.

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Sorry. This is the worst Volkswagen ever did. Even if it's just my opinion.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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thees Ad ees Saad

|dizligzig drunk... the heights|

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vw downer.
my bear can do a better ad.


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You'll have nothing more to fear because you won't be able to drive after the animal bites off your hand.