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I think this pair belongs to Joe La Pompe's site.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I know this is a bad coincidence, but the shooting for this ad was done long before the
other ad got posted here. We had better things do over the christmas days, rather than
ripping off other ads, haha... (eating in the first place)

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No worries, my people saw D&AD, Comm Arts, and One Show work that we were just about to execute this past year...

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I'm going to go drink a hot handbag of coffee and maybe then this will all make sense.

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Maybe they means about woman's handbag?

Next mug will be pink? :)

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In the year 2003 I saw the exact idea in an Argentinas ariport. It was for a local coffee brand.

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hum......another one.

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coincidence fellows. we all go through this with our won work somany times.

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Shit happens - let's wait for the festivals anyway. I still love the execution.

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thanks for posting it!
i was curious what it looks like when i read your comment on the naber ad PeteHH.
i slightly prefer the other execution, the black mug reminds me more of a leather bag than this one.
on the other hand i'm biased as i saw the other one first.
great idea though, great work kolle-rebbe!

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Thanks dude!

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... I also like the other execution. I just think this one looks way more alive - and somehow more cartoon-ish, what adds to the character of the idea. However, it's a matter of personal taste.

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IMHO FCB Austria's execution is simply better.

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Have Heart
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Wow, this one is absolutely perfect! The other image looks too much like cheap PHOTODISC photography.

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Two clean layouts. This one wins.

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This one looks much better that the other. I first saw a suitcase not a purse.

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I saw this idea several times. Especially at my last trip to hamburg a local based coffee roastery did this with his carry bags. So, big fail in my view.

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